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Tous :: Yampolsky, Yan, Yelle 


Yampolsky M. A. et Amiot C. E.
«Discrimination and multicultural identity configurations: The mediating role of stress»
International Journal of Intercultural Relations
55: 86-96 (RAC)


Rewegan A., Bogaert K., Yan M., Gagnon A. et Herring D. A
«The first wave of the 1918 influenza pandemic among soldiers of the Canadian expeditionary force»
American Journal of Human Biology
27 (5): 638–645 (RAC)
Yampolsky M. A., Amiot C.E. et de la Sablonnière R.
«The Multicultural Identity Integration Scale (MULTIIS): Developing a comprehensive measure for configuring one’s multiple cultural identities within the self»
Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology
22 (2): 166-184 (RAC)


Yampolsky M.A. et Amiot C.E.
«Priming Self-determined and Non Self-determined Group Identification: Effects on Well-being and Ingroup Bias»
Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice
17 (3): 137-149 (RAC)
Yampolsky M.A., Amiot C.E. et de la Sablonnière R.
«Multicultural Identity Integration and Well-being: A Qualitative Exploration of Variations in Narrative Coherence and Multicultural Identification.»
Frontiers in Psychology
4 (126): 1-15 (RAC)


Amiot C.E., Sanfaçon S., Louis W.R. et Yelle M.
«Can Intergroup Behaviors Be Emitted Out of Self-determined Reasons?: Testing the Role of Group Norms and Behavioral Congruence in the Internalisation of Discrimination and Parity Behaviors»
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
38 (1): 63-76 (RAC)


Yampolsky M., Amiot C.E. et de la Sablonnière R.
«Exploring the Integration of Multiple Cultural Identities within the Self: A Narrative Approach»
Canadian Psychology
52 (2a) (RSC)