Just Ordinary Citizens? Towards a Comparative Portrait of the Political Immigrant

Antoine Bilodeau (dir.)

University of Toronto Press, 2016

University of Toronto Press

Since the 1960s, the number of immigrants living in liberal democracies has been steadily rising. Despite the existence of numerous studies on social, economic, and geographic integration, few books have addressed the integration of immigrants into the politics of their host countries. When it comes to politics, are immigrants just ordinary citizens?

This edited collection considers the political integration of immigrants in a number of liberal democracies. Just Ordinary Citizens? offers a behavioural perspective on the political integration of immigrants, describing and analysing the relationships that immigrants develop with politics in their host countries. The chapters provide both unique national insights and a comparative perspective on the national case studies, while editor Antoine Bilodeau offers both a framework within which to understand these examples and a systematic review of more than 300 studies of immigrant political integration from the last sixty years.

University of Toronto Press