Community-Based Media Pedagogies: Relational Practices of Listening in the Commons

Bronwen Low, C. Brushwood Rose et Paula M. Salvio

Routledge, 2016


Participatory media is a tool for individual and community education and development, allowing students to express and share their ideas and opinions, and to contribute to the production of the commons. Vital to the storytelling in these community spaces is listening—the listening of project facilitators to participants, of participants to each other, and of the public to the stories that emerge through these projects. Community-based Media Pedagogies examines the role of listening across community media sites to explore its relational qualities and to identify the kinds of teaching and learning that happen in these spaces. Drawing on community media projects and pedagogies across New York, Toronto, and Montreal, this volume documents the stories of racialized and marginalized minority youth and immigrants, and explores which relations and spaces facilitate listening.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Are You Listening
  • Understanding Listening as Relational: From Dialogue to Intersubjectivity
  • The Listening Environment: Cultivating Spaces That Hold Us
  • Listening to Difficulty: Conflict and Resistance as Methods of Responsive Listening
  • Taking Stories Public: How To Tell Stories So that Others Will Listen?
  • On the Fear of Being Boring: Youth-Based Community Media Production and the Play of Intersubjectivity
  • Towards a Pedagogy of Listening: Creating the Conditions for Intersubjective Listening in the Classroom