Research and Society

The CEETUM is actively involved in partnerships with decision-makers and practitioners on the topics of immigration, integration and ethnic relations. These collaborations are made possible through joint projects involving partner participation every step of the way, including in the definition of research issues and questions, access to databases and fields, the analysis of results and their impact on policies and practices as well as their innovative dissemination to concerned parties.

The Centre also provides leadership and participates in its partners' initiatives, partners which include the City of Montreal, the Réseau de recherche sur l'immigration en dehors des grands centres, the Société d’Habitation du Québec, the Comité d’adaptation de la main-d’œuvre/Personnes immigrantes, the Table de concertation des organismes au service des personnes réfugiées et immigrantes, the Direction des services aux communautés culturelles of the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport, the Table des responsables de l'éducation des adultes et de la formation professionnelle, the Programme de soutien à l’École montréalaise, the Conseil supérieur de la langue française and the Quebec Community Groups Network.

In addition, our researchers are heavily involved in the initial training of practitioners, either due to our researchers' existing professional skills (coming from faculties of education, management, social work, etc.) or to the basic training courses they provide (in sociology of ethnic relations, sociology of religion and cultural anthropology, among others) to generations of youth, many of whom will become decision-makers or practitioners themselves later in life.