The Board of Directors decides the Centre’s major orientations, action plan and activities program. The Board also oversees the financial situation of the Centre as well as the support of its member universities.

The National and International Advisory Committee is composed of persons who are familiar with the Centre. The committee is called on to: provide advice and recommendations on the CEETUM’s programming; foster international collaboration among research centres and among researchers; advise on the mobility of graduate students in different research units outside the country; and develop inter-institutional collaboration strategies among the CEETUM’s research groups as well as the various units in which the international committee members are involved.

The Executive Committee defines the major orientations of the Centre and examines any issues regarding the day-to-day running of the Centre.

The Science Committee includes research topic coordinators, managers of key committees, chair holders attached to the Center, two students involved in research and dissemination activities, and four collaborating members from various field or government settings. The committee’s role is to consider the major orientations of the Centre, propose structuring activities for its research topics, and advise and support the topic coordinators in carrying out their research program. 

The Members’ Assembly is composed of all of the Centre's members. The Assembly appoints members to the Executive Committee (except for the directors who are ex-officio members), receives the annual report and advises the directors on the Centre’s activities and research program as well as on the student assistance programs.