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  • To contribute to the understanding of social, policy and legal issues surrounding ethnic diversity and its various markers (i.e. ethnic group, language and religion).
  • To foster the development of solid theoretical and practical expertise in the field through interaction between researchers.
  • To disseminate its members' research findings in the scientific community, among decision-makers as well as among practitioners in the field.
  • To contribute to efforts in the fight against discrimination and to promote the integration of and institutional adaptation toward diversity in all its forms using research, especially knowledge transfer to affected communities.
  • To provide high quality, challenging research training for master’s and doctoral students as well as post-doctoral fellows by bringing them into contact with the Centre's researchers and encouraging them to participate in its activities.
  • To financially assist students in the completion of their studies so they can disseminate their work in the scientific community, which in turn ensures a new generation of quality researchers in the field.
  • To promote the participation of researchers in Canada-wide and international networks as well as institutional collaboration with scientific research units from elsewhere in the world.
  • To provide a base for professors and researchers from outside Quebec as well as for doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows.